One nun's departure from her convent after 53 years of devotion.

Sister Mary Bernard in her room praying the rosary. Photo by Julie Grace Immink

Sister Mary Bernard’s dedication and austerity are still discernible in her new space. No longer permitted to wear her religious habit, her attire is still modest. She is wearing a button-up blouse and a floor-length skirt when she teaches…

Scattering ashes in the Hollywood Canyons with a 1980s horror film director

Text and Photographs by Julie Grace Immink

Harry overlooking Los Angeles from trail. Photo by Julie Grace Immink

A bag of cremated remains is at my feet as I drive to the Los Angeles canyons that overlook the city freeways below. A horror movie director buckles himself into the…

A coming-of-age-story about working at a Prince concert in 1997

By Julie Grace Immink

Paisley Park photo by Julie Grace Immink

Anticipation was building, waiting for Prince to arrive. Thousands of people were stomping and cheering. Guitars lined the stage like a backdrop to the left and right. More stringed instruments were in the backing musicians’ hands…

Julie Grace Immink

Photographer and writer exploring life on Earth. Find me kayaking the wilds of the Midwest, or talking to strangers (the stranger the better)

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